NORDOTEL is a company committed to its employees, their needs and well-being. Therefore, in order to ensure that our employees have optimal work conditions to perform their duties and that their rights are respected, we have implemented the following basic principles:

1. Respect for the human and labour rights. Non-discrimination and equality.

  • We respect the human and labour rights of our employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, age, race, religion or disability, promoting equal opportunities. Furthermore, we repulse any form of harassment, discrimination and abuse of power. We respect different points of view, the personal dignity, the privacy and the personal rights of any individual.

2. Rights and obligations. Compliance with the Labour Regulations.

  • We ensure the employees’ rights and the compliance with all the labour regulations that apply to the hiring, payment and other work conditions. Besides, the employees are subject to a disciplinary regime that has been previously notified.

3. Professional development and continuing training

  • We facilitate the continuing training of our employees as an essential element for their own professional development.

4. Occupational Health & Safety

  • The prevention of accidents in the workplace and of occupational diseases, as well as the continuous improvement of the Health & Safety conditions of our employees in the workplace, is one of our main objectives. For this purpose, we have implemented an Occupational Risk Prevention Management System that is integrated in our Business Management Model.

5. Freedom of association and representation

  • We respect the employees’ right to establish or become engaged in organisations intended to defend and promote their interests and we do not interfere in the election processes or in the internal operations of their representation bodies, in accordance with the applicable laws.

This Policy has been notified to our employees and is available to our guests, suppliers and the public.


General Manager ∙ Nordotel, S.A.

October 2018