Our commitment to quality is based on our goal to meet our guests’ expectations by our continuous adaptation to their needs, both in terms of services and facilities. For this purpose, we stick to the following basic principles:

  • 1. Quality is a goal that must be pursued by all the levels of the hotel, the company and our collaborators. Therefore, everyone must be aware of the objectives that have been established and the opportunities for improvement.
  • 2. Our work must be objectively assessed by analysing the feedback and the comments of our guests, in order to respond and improve effectively and continuously.
  • 3. A permanent, close contact and communication must be established with our guests from their arrival to their departure, understanding their needs and making all our efforts to satisfy such needs.
  • 4. Our investment in innovation, training, safety and environmental protection is one of our cornerstones of sustainability and a manner to improve our service.
  • 5. Compliance with the statutory requirements, the applicable regulations and the commitments undertaken by the Company.

To achieve our goals, our QUALITY POLICY must be known, shared and implemented by all of us.


General Manager ∙ Nordotel, S.A.

October 2018